If you have installed a boiler in your house recently, you will most likely agree that it is much more energy efficient than traditional heating systems. This is primarily because the new boilers extract more heat from the burning process by harnessing additional heat gains from the fact that they now condense, hence they are called condensing boilers. These condensing gains can be maximised by having correctly installed modern controls.

Since new boilers have lengthy warranties it is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that it is maintained and used properly. Though getting it serviced at fixed intervals is a must, there are also a few do’s and don’ts you need to know. Following the operational guidelines will not only make your boiler safer and economical but even extend its operating life.

Few Do’s To Follow When Using Boilers In Lewes

  • Make sure you have your boiler serviced at regular intervals, to ensure it is both safe, and working optimally. Annual services are the generally recommended boiler service intervals.
  • If your boiler has a pressure gauge or display reading, use the filling loop to top your boiler pressure up to 1.0 – 1.5 bar when cold. Never leave the filling loop on unattended or the boiler will over pressurise.
  • Remember to keep your heating system free of air by venting radiators using a vent key. Only loosen the vent screw by 1 or 2 turns to ensure it doesn’t fall out. Check the boiler pressure after venting, and top up if necessary.
  • Make sure that whenever water is drained from your heating system, that it is dosed with the correct level of inhibitor afterwards.
  • If you go on holiday or are away from home for some time, make sure you leave the boiler powered, and turn off any heating, hot water, or hot water preheat settings in the timers and on the boiler controls. This is because new boilers periodically operate their pump, fan, diverter valve, and other parts so that they don’t seize up.
  • A boiler service log book should be maintained for boilers in Lewes. This is usually near the back of the installation and servicing manual.

Few Don’ts To Follow When Using Boilers In Lewes

  • Don’t ignore leaks. A boiler could have a small, easily repaired leak, but if left for long enough, it could rot through your boiler casing and you would then need a new boiler altogether.
  • The boiler parameters should not be changed unless you are professionally trained.
  • Don’t attempt to work on your own boiler. Even the cover can form part of the flue, so just by removing this, you could be endangering your’s and your family’s lives.
  • Don’t allow the water pressure to go below 1 bar
  • Don’t allow the water pressure to go above 3 bar. If this happens, you have an expansion fault, and you need a boiler repair.
  • Don’t operate the safety valve. These automatically discharge under safety conditions and often do not re seal and need changing.

If you follow the do’s and don’ts stated above, then you will stand a much better chance of extending the operating life of your boiler.