Imagine the heating system in your house breaks down suddenly, nothing can be more frustrating than this. You will know that the situation is indeed quite serious if you can smell gas but can’t trace the source. Though you can try a DIY and inspect the system just to save a few quid, getting in touch with qualified gas safe engineers is always advisable if you want to ensure your safety. Not everyone is aware of the fact that your boiler’s warranty might become invalid if you try to repair it, even with prior experience. Experienced professionals first assess the issue in the boiler before repairing or replacing it, and only after checking if the issue is covered under any warranties.

Boiler Breakdown In Lewes? Few Things You Need To Check

  • Thermostat

The thermostat is a vital component of new boilers. This is why professionals repairing the heating equipment ensure that the thermostat controller is in the ‘on’ position before attempting a boiler repair or even considering a boiler replacement. You need to set the clock properly if you are using a timer-based thermostat system. Its temperature is also a vital thing to consider so make sure that it is above the room temperature.

  • Gas Supply

Check whether the other gas appliances in your house are working properly and you will know whether there is a problem with the gas supply in your house. If you are still not sure, have a talk with your neighbours. Another way to detect a gas supply problem is by checking the gas emergency control valve at the meter. If you find the valve off, do not turn it back on. Call a Gas Safe engineer to make sure that it is safe to turn back on, as there may be a gas leak. If everything appears to be on, and you are not on a credit meter that has run out of credit, you should call your gas supplier.

  • Power Supply

If you can’t ignite the boiler even after switching the isolator switch on properly, it might be because there’s an electrical issue. A majority of the new boilers in Lewes have an LCD or digital display. Your preferred settings and the clock might reset if there has been a power cut recently. If this has happened, check the time to see if this is correct, and if it isn’t, check all your programmed times and temperatures. Also check your fuse board in case any of the switches have tripped. If they continue to trip, then call an electrician.

  • Boiler Pressure

From time to time your boiler system can lose pressure and stop working. This requires the heating system to be refilled via the filling loop. If your pressure is low, under 1 bar, and you cannot top the pressure up from the filling loop, you should call a professional in repairing boilers. Also, remember that your filling loop will only work if the mains water supply is on. The easiest way to check whether there’s a problem with the water supply is by ensuring that there’s water in the other taps in your house.

These tips are to give you an insight into simple issues that may be easily solved, avoiding expensive call outs. If these tips don’t get you a result in the case of a sudden boiler breakdown, get in touch with the right professional for a boiler repair or replacement.