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Many homeowners and landlords want to enjoy the peace of mind that boiler and central heating cover offers. Boiler cover is when you pay a monthly fee by direct debit, and in return, you receive a boiler service and breakdown repairs if required. Many large heating companies and energy companies offer this service, however, the devil is in the detail, and quite often there are some poor conditions.

Firstly, most will only carry out a boiler inspection. This is NOT a boiler service. An inspection is a visual check of the appliance condition and a check of the combustion at maximum rate only, and a measurement of its gas rate. Often, the engineer will not even remove the boiler casing. This can be adequate for a gas safety inspection, but falls short of servicing a boiler. Servicing is important for helping the boiler to avoid premature failures due to lack of maintenance.

Secondly, most companies charge an excess call out fee to keep their monthly fee attractive. This may initially make the policy affordable for you, but when you have to pay £50 or £100 to call an engineer out, you might start to wonder if it was worth taking the policy out in the first place, when you could have just taken a pay-as-you-go approach.

At Option we offer an unrivalled boiler cover plan, with proper boiler services (actual maintenance), no excess charges, and money back guarantees on our attendance times. No other company is offering this. We will also cover your entire central heating system.

We promise to give you:

  • Annual boiler service (full services included)
  • Same day / next day emergency breakdown attendance or your money back. This means that if we are late, you get the annual service and repair free of charge. That’s how confident we are that we can get to you this fast.
  • 365 day service. Bank holidays included.
  • Zero excess for call outs
  • Unlimited call outs
  • Parts and labour included

If you’d like a quotation for Option Heating Cover, please click the button below, or call us 01903 814777

Fully comprehensive service and
repair plan terms and conditions

Service plan terms and conditions

What does same day / next day guaranteed emergency attendance mean?

If you call us or text us on our emergency line, we will attend either the same day or the following day. This applies 365 days a year, including bank holidays. An emergency is classified as any water, carbon monoxide or gas leak at any time, no hot water at any time, or no heating in and between the months of September to April.

If we cannot deliver on this promise, we will refund you the cost of your plan, but you will still receive all of the plan benefits, including the repair you called us about, plus any future servicing and repairs for the remainder of the plan.

How long does the plan last?

All of our cover and service plans last 12 months

Are there any excess payments?

Our plans have zero excess payments. Your monthly payment includes everything.

What happens when my plan ends?

You will receive an auto-renewal advising of your new plan start date. This will run 12 months on from the end of your existing plan. If you no longer wish to be on a plan, just let us know before it starts and we will cancel the direct debit and the plan.

How many call outs am I allowed?

Our plans have unlimited call outs.

How do I cancel an existing plan?

You are entitled to cancel your plan at any point. To cancel a plan, please notify us in writing at [email protected], or call us on
01903 814777. Emails must be sent from your account email for security purposes.

If you have used any service or benefit of the plan, then the full amount for the year will be due for payment.

If you have not used any service or benefit of the plan, then you do not need to pay any further payments. We also cannot provide a refund of any payments made to date due to the fact that your system was covered for those periods.

Refunds will be given in any case where we have not delivered on our same day/next day emergency attendance guarantee.

Can I only cover my boiler, and not the other items like radiators?

Our cover includes all of your heating and hot water controls, gas pipework, heating pipework and radiators. We do not currently have an option for boiler cover only.

What is a boiler service exactly?

You will receive regular services annually which usually includes cleaning of heating filter and condense trap, recharging expansion vessels, plus carrying out gas pressure, maximum and minimum combustion checks, gas rating, and fan pressure checks where required. On many models this will include a full service including a clean of the burner, heat exchanger and electrodes.

On appliances that are recommended for a full service with new seals every 5 years, for example Vaillant and Worcester boilers, these are also included, and we supply all parts required for this.

We check all of your radiators for operation and vent them of air. Finally, we check your controls for operation.

We pride ourselves on following the absolute best possible service procedures, giving your boiler and central heating system the longest possible life.

Will you repair any fault?

There are a some faults that we do not cover.

We do not repair pre-existing faults or carry out remedial works to previous poor workmanship.

We cannot make a repair if a required boiler part is obsolete.

We cannot cover repairs required as a result of poor heating system water quality, i.e. blocked boiler, unless where Option Energy Solutions Ltd have carried out a system flush and installed a system filter.

We do not cover damage caused by frozen condense pipes that have been incorrectly installed, not adhering to the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council’s standards for condense installation found here.

We do not replace household batteries in items like thermostats

We do not make repairs to external services, e.g. external underground gas pipes, or pipes in
communal service voids in blocks of flats.

If a boiler is uneconomical to repair (parts cost inc. VAT over 85% of the value of a like for like replacement boiler retail price) then we will offer a boiler replacement at a discounted rate.
Note: This part price is extremely rare and has never affected one of our plans to date.

Do I have to pay for parts?

No. Our plans include parts and labour for all repairs.

What if I have a pre-existing fault?

We’ll supply a quote to bring the property back to full health, or in the case pre-existing installation faults, quote to bring it up to standard.

If you choose not to have the work carried out, we just won’t cover that part of the system. Everything else will be covered though, as long as the pre-existing issue isn’t harmful to the wider system.

Are there any other exclusions I should be aware of?

For a full list of inclusions and exclusions, please view our terms and conditions here.

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