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Heat Geek offer the best training in the country on low temperature heating central heating design and we are in their upper tier of ‘elite’ installers with high SCOPs verified. We also offer access to the £7,500 BUS grant via their Assured scheme.

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Michael’s incredibly passionate about renewable energy and as a result, we now have a home which is heated throughout to a more comfortable level, unlike before using storage heaters.
And we are using a lot less electric!

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Heat pumps are the perfect alternative to electric, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and oil heating systems. Fuel costs for heat pumps are considerably cheaper than the aforementioned options, and can be marginally cheaper than natural gas. Add this to the fact that a heat pump can use your own solar electrical energy, and this amounts to a more energy secure future for your home.

The installation cost can be offset by the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, a government grant which pays £5000 (for air source heat pumps) direct to your installation company on your behalf for deduction from your final payment. Eligibility criteria applies.

There are 2 initial considerations for you to bear in mind before having a heat pump installed;

Always take a fabric first approach where possible. If you don’t have cavity wall, or loft insulation, you should get this done ideally before a heat pump installation.

The heat pump grant is not available to properties where the above measures are recommended on the EPC. If you have soild walls, then the situation is slightly different. As a rule, consider the prospect of insulation first and foremost.

We would recommend to have a minimum of loft insulation, double glazed windows and cavity wall insulation or similar, but we have successfully installed to properties with some single glazing, or no wall insulation. It just make the running costs a little higher.

Existing Heating Emitters
Heating emitters are generally radiators or underfloor heating. If you have no existing emitters and are having a new system installed, then this is a mute point, as we can install the appropriately sized emitters.

If you are having a heat pump installed to an existing system that was previously used for a fossil fuel boiler system, then you may need to allow for partial or full upgrades throughout.

Heat pumps operate at much cooler water temperatures, around 30-50c, compared to a traditional boiler which operates at around 60-80c. Underfloor heating is designed to work at 50c or less, which means it is perfect for a heat pump, but radiators are traditionally sized to operate at hotter temperatures, which means they could need upgrading to larger radiators.

One caveat to this, is if you upgraded the insulation after the radiators were installed, then you may get a handy side effect of making the radiator oversized, and now suitable to run at lower temperatures.

Just be aware that a heat pump isn’t just plug and play. There are important design considerations to ensure it heats your property well, and property size has a big impact. This means that costs vary significantly from project to project, broadly ranging from £10,000 to £25,000, less the BUS grant of £5000 if eligible.

The best way to get an approximation, is to talk to us by registering your interest on the contact form above. We’ll call you back for a short conversation, give you a ball park figure, and the ball is then entirely in your court.

If an air source heat pump installation is feasible for you, we would love to come on board and deliver your project.

We carry out

  • Viessmann and Vaillant air source heat pumps with full 7 year parts and labour warranty
  • Other manufacturers are available for budget projects
  • Building heat loss calculations for heat pump and emitter sizing
  • Unvented (mains pressure) hot water cylinders with high recovery coil designed for heat pumps
  • Intelligent heating control systems with optional smart internet connectivity
  • Full system design and commissioning for optimum efficiency and performance
  • Full handling of BUS grant on your behalf

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