Heat Pumps


Heat pumps are the perfect alternative to liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and oil fired heating systems. Fuel costs for heat pumps are cheaper, comparable with natural gas, and the installation cost is offset by the Renewable Heat Incentive, a government scheme which pays you for 7 years after your heat pump is installed.   There are 2 initial considerations for you to bear in mind before having a heat pump installed;
  • Insulation Your property should be insulated to make the most of the Renewable Heat Incentive, as there is an EPC minimum rating that your property must achieve to qualify for payments. Also, your heat pump will cost less to run if your property is insulated, and the cost of insulating is usually cheaper than the cost of a larger heat pump and it’s associated electricity bills. We would recommend to have a minimum of loft insulation, double glazed windows and cavity wall insulation or similar. With these measures in place, heat pumps become a fantastic option for heating your property.
  • Existing Heating Emitters Heating emitters are generally radiators or underfloor heating. If you have no existing emitters and are having a new system installed, then this is a mute point, as you can install the appropriately sized emitters. If you are having a heat pump installed to an existing system that was previously used for a fossil fueled boiler system, then you may need to allow for upgrades throughout.Heat pumps operate at much cooler water temperatures, around 30-50 degrees celcius (c), compared to a traditional boiler which operates at around 60-80c. Underfloor heating water temperature is usually set to 50c or less, which means it is perfect for a heat pump, but radiators are traditionally sized to operate at hotter temperatures. This means that if your existing radiators were installed to work with a natural gas, LPG or oil fired boiler, they will need be replaced with much larger radiators.
It is important that the above 2 points are considered and addressed before committing to a heat pump installation. Many people go to a lot of time and effort getting heat pump quotes, only to realise it’s a bigger job than it initially seemed, making it financially not viable.   If you are still interested in a heat pump, we would love to come on board and deliver your project.   We carry out;
  • Building heat loss calculations for heat pump and emitter sizing
  • Vaillant air source and ground source heat pumps with full 7 year parts and labour warranty
  • Trench and borehole systems for ground source heat pumps
  • Unvented (mains pressure) hot water cylinders with high recovery coil designed for heat pumps
  • Intelligent single to multi zone heating control systems with smart internet connectivity
  • Glycol filling of heat pump unit and pipework for anti freezing protection
  • Full system design and commissioning for optimum efficiency and performance
  • Registration for Renewable Heat Incentive*
* Please note that we are not currently a member of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). We are fully qualified BPEC heat pump specialists with full Vaillant manufacturer heat pump training and will apply for MCS accreditation using our next heat pump installation as our certification project. This involves an inspection of the installation by a certification company. as well as full assistance in ensuring paperwork for MCS and your RHI registration is in order. We guarantee a successful RHI application when undertaking a project. Contact us today and get the ball rolling on your heat pump installation

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