Are you sure that your heating system is working and operating correctly? Have you been considering replacing or upgrading the existing system in your home lately? It’s difficult for anybody to know the best way to move forward with this, and that’s why it’s so important to get the advice of a good boiler engineer, who appreciates when it’s a good time to repair, when it’s appropriate to upgrade parts of the system, or when it really does need replacing.

It often happens that old boilers start showing signs of wear and tear and in some cases, installing a more efficient boiler proves to be the most viable option. However, it’s wise to remember to make some prior considerations before making a purchase. You need to know the types of systems available on the market and decide on the one which best suits your needs. Furthermore, you should ensure that you are installing a high-quality boiler which helps in reducing your heating bills while giving many years of reliable service.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider installing new and more efficient boilers!

5 Reasons Why You Should Install New Boilers in Brighton

  1. Parts Are Not Available For The Older Boiler

One of the most common reasons behind getting a boiler replacement in Brighton is the fact that your older system may no longer have its parts available for repairs. For boilers which are more than 10 years old, there is a chance that the parts are obsolete and unavailable. Usually you find this out while the boiler has broken down, and a repair visit finds the parts are obsolete, but if you are aware that your working boiler no longer has parts available, now might be good time to plan in a pro-active boiler replacement. You can find out if parts are still available for your boiler by calling the manufacturer and giving them the model and serial numbers.

  • Heating Bills Are Skyrocketing

It goes without saying that water bills, central heating bills and electricity bills can really add to your monthly budget. Paying skyrocketing bills every month can be very annoying and one way of cutting them is by installing a more efficient boiler. Within a month of your installation, you will realise that you have ended up saving a lot of money which you were earlier spending on high bills. At Option Energy Solutions, we install modern high efficiency controls with our condensing boilers, which automatically regulates the temperature of your radiators depending on temperature sensors inside and outside the property, meaning that our systems are up to 15% more efficient than an equivalent system with standard controls. This saving is in addition to the listed 20% savings you can get on your gas bills by upgrading a standard efficiency boiler to a condensing boiler.

  • Regular Repairs Are Getting Expensive

Old boilers are more prone to system failures and breakdowns. While it’s true that you can get them repaired, you will soon realise that regular repairs will cost you more money in the long run. Thus, instead of having your older system repaired regularly, installing new boilers in Brighton may be a more cost-effective decision.

  • Older System Is Inefficient

Older systems become inefficient with the passage of time and upgrading to a more efficient and newer system can be a great choice. Modern radiators are low water content, so require less water to be heated before they can start performing at their rated heat output. Modern rads include additional convector fins as part of their design so, cm for cm, they output more heat than a basic panel rad. Controls are also much improved now and intelligently control the boiler to match the property’s heat demand, unlike standard traditional controls which run the boiler flat out no matter how small the heat requirement. Plus, condensing boilers are much more efficient than their old non condensing predecessors. All put together, this results in lower energy and utility bills, both for homeowners and businesses.

  • Boiler Is No More Covered by Warranty

The majority of boilers installed nowadays come with a manufacturer’s guarantee which lasts for a long period of time, up to 10+ years. Depending on the boiler you have installed, the warranty period may differ from one company to another. Thus, if your existing system is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you may prefer to get it replaced. We would always advise to keep a reliable boiler going regardless of an expired warranty or, as an alternative, to take out one of our all inclusive service and repair boiler cover plans, but in some situations, like prior to a house sale, or when absolute peace of mind is desired, you may wish to replace with new and benefit from a brand new warranty period.

Now that you are aware of the common reasons, what’s still holding you back? Quickly find a reliable installer and install a new and efficient boiler!